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2010/06/22 at 7:58 pm (2010, Linux, Planet Gentoo) (, , )

When I was preparing to use Cucumber I watched a screen cast. I saw a cute promt there: it was single-char green happy face if last command was successful (returned 0) or single-char red sad face if it wasn’t. This motivated me to change my own prompt which was default prompt for Gentoo:

login@hostname /full/path/to/current/dir $

It wasn’t bad but it could get really long if I was deep in directory structure and I really know my login and host… My current promt is

current_dir HH:MM :)

If last command was succesful and

current_dir HH:MM :(

if it failed. I changed prompt for just my user by adding to ~/.bashrc

export PS1="\[\e[34m\]\W \[\e[0m\]\`if [ \$? = 0 ]; then
echo \[\e[32m\]\A \:\)\[\e[0m\];
echo \[\e[31m\]\A \:\(\[\e[0m\]; fi\` "

And a screenshot so you can compare how much space I’m saving when I’m in some deep directory:


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