Council application – weekly report #4

2011/06/20 at 10:34 am (Planet Gentoo) (, , , , , , )

Last week I used metrical on the web app and improved tests coverage and variable naming. I also removed some stuff it reported as “code duplication”. Metrical warned about some stuff, but I couldn’t find a reasonable way to fix it.

I tried to switch to capybara-webkit for cucumber tests but I couldn’t find a way to remove session cookies (and I need it to test “Remember me” feature) so I made a feature request (including a suggested patch) and I’m waiting.

I added
#option add
#option remove
#option list

commands to MeetBot to allow changing voting options during meeting (I must do some work on the webapp end to handle added and removed option properly).

I also improved tests for my changes to MeetBot and wrote test for Reminder (the Supybot  plugin I wrote last week).

For short description of project and sources, read this.

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