Recruiters application on Gentoo infrastructure

2011/02/21 at 6:07 pm (Planet Gentoo) (, , )

It took longer then I thought but Gentoo Recruiters Application is working on the Gentoo infrastructure (in fact it was working for a while now, but I missed the message that it did). You can find it here. Right now there is just one recruit using it (me) to try how it works with real recruiting.

And by the way on the Gentoo Bugzilla in product “Gentoo Hosted Projects” there is a component “RecruitingWebapp”. And there are already a few bugs there (here).


  1. Jimmy Smiths said,

    so much more pleasant to look at than regular Gentoo sites – clear layout, sensible font sizes, etc.

    I hope that’s going to spread to other sites.

  2. nik said,

    hi, this is a very nice application i came across i’ve been developing a same type of application using hobo.. i don’t want users to see the drop down of users registered on that application… can u please help me out how u manage to hide the users drop down list.. it will be surely a great deal of help..
    thanks and regards.. waiting for a positive reply

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