Recruiters web application – please help testing

2010/08/03 at 7:21 pm (2010, GSoC 2010, Hobo, Planet Gentoo, Programming, Ruby on Rails, WebApplication)

please help testing web application I’m developing for Gentoo Recruiters team.


Here is an instance of the application you can use for testing. If you do please remember a few things:

  • Don’t use your real email. There is no need to. There is no point to.
  • This instance can not send email notifications.
  • I will probably wipe its database from time to time so don’t put anything you don’t want deleted there.


If you want to read sources or run your own instance of the application you can obtain sources of the application from git repository on When running your own instance of application remember a few things:

  • If you start application in ‘development’ mode it will be incredibly slow. You will be able to choose user from drop down list instead of logging in.
  • It’s tested for PostgreSQL and MySQL, probably will work with SQLite.

To get started do following:

git clone git://
cd recruiting-webapp
rake prepare:config db=mysql # you can use db=sqlite3 or db=postgres
nano config/config.yml # fill in usernames, passwords and database names
rake db:schema:load
rake gems:install # or `gem install hobo bluecloth`
./script/server -e production

then wait a few second for server to start (at my machine it takes about 10s) and visit .

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  1. cristian said,

    I choose [Questions groups] tab then [all category] from combo box then push [view category] button and got an error.

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