GSoC: Gentoo Recruiters weekly progress report #8

2010/07/16 at 5:28 pm (GSoC 2010, Planet Gentoo)

Last week (that is 2010.07.05-10) I added some features to Gentoo Recruiters web app:

  • Support for multiple choice questions. Users who answered all multiple choice question they should will see on their home pages messages indicating if their answers were correct. The message tells only if all answers were correct or if there was at least on wrong answer.
  • Making  sure mentors are Gentoo developers long enough. When user is edited application check will check if user role is mentor. If it is app will check if nick of user is nick of Gentoo developer and if the developer is Gentoo dev long enough. Several things are configurable:
    • If this check should be performed or not.
    • URI from which developer data shall be obtained.
    • Minimum time spent as Gentoo dev before one can become mentor
  • Support for testing gentoo-dev-announce posting. This adds a new question type, that can’t be answered using web app. It can be answered by sending email to the application. Once app receives email it will check who sent it (using from field of the email) and question it’s answer for (using email title) and check if it meets specified criteria.

Also we started a new iteration this week, so demo of the application got updated. It contains some bugs that were discovered when I was covering existing features with cucumber (more about it in next weekly report on Mon).

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