Weekly report #6

2010/06/28 at 8:57 pm (GSoC 2010, Planet Gentoo)

Another iteration finished, demo updated, some new features implemented. The new features are:

  • Support for returning developers – it’s simply allowing recruiters to demote mentors back to recruits.
  • Support for project lead approval – each user can have nick (his/her nick as Gentoo developer). Recruits are given (possibly many) “project acceptances”. Project can be marked as accepted or not-accepted (begins as not-accepted).  Acceptance also has a nick of user who can change it’s state. Application has listings of recruits waiting for you acceptance.

I rewrote seed to make it cleaner (and moved user and question data to external YAML files).

I made the gem adding OpenID support to Hobo work. I had to make a little fix to Hobo to achieve it, so currently it works only with version of Hobo from GitHub. The bad thing about it is that I decided to work on OpenID story after it turned out to be problematic on my own. I should have written to mentors that I have problems with OpenID and ask them what to do in this situation. The result is I spent 12h working on OpenID (I planned 4) and didn’t finish it (just having it work isn’t enough).

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