Weekly report #5

2010/06/22 at 5:08 pm (GSoC 2010, Planet Gentoo)

I feel the fifth week of my project was better than weeks 3&4. May be because I finished my exams (I still have some things to do at my Universities but they use far less of my time).  I was a few hour behind schedule at end of week 5. I think it was mainly because I severely underestimated time required to switch from fixtures to Factory Girl in tests (it was a simple task but a big one ).  I added two features visible from user perspective:

  • Listing of recruits with all questions answered.
  • Support for mentor comments for recruit answers

I didn’t finish preparing gem adding OpenID support to Hobo because I need to include taglib and there are problems with including taglibs that come with gems other than Hobo. For details see bug report and discussion. I think I can work around this problem but I wanted to do things I knew I could do first.

I changed a few things not visible from user perspective:

  • Started using Cucumber for integration testing. I think this will really improve my work. I already had problems because my ap was missing view layer tests and I forgot to check something manually. I didn’t write Cucumber features for already implemented functionalities but I wrote features for all new stories I implemented.
  • Switched to Factory Girl for tests. And tests have really become better because of that I think.

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