Weekly summary #3 and #4

2010/06/14 at 4:08 pm (GSoC 2010, Planet Gentoo, WebApplication)

Last two weeks I had some problems both outside project(electricity broke for one day, Internet access breaking) and inside project (too late started merging feature branches with master (and forgot merging time in planning iteration), commits were pushed too late). Those problems resulted in scoping some stories out from 2nd iteration and stretching 2nd iteration time.

Even so I did implement some features in week #3:

  • Finished support for reference answers for questions.
  • Added email notifications.
  • Users can add categories of questions they should answer (not have recruiter add it).
  • Recruiters (not only admins) can promote users from recruits to mentors.
  • Mentor can approve and disapprove answers of recruits they are mentoring. Newly created answers are disapproved, when user edit answer it becomes unapproved.

I started a gem adding OpenID login support to Hobo. For now you can download sources from repository at GitHub, build it and install it on your own. I shall release gem after my mentors will have a look at sources.

Week #4 was mostly fixing sources (incl. merging and after-iteration fixes).

P.S. It turned out one problem I solved last week is back, preventing me from making hobo_openid gem more details in discussion on hobo user mailing list.

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