Weekly report #2 – middle of second iteration

2010/06/01 at 1:27 pm (GSoC 2010, Hobo, Planet Gentoo, Programming, Ruby on Rails, WebApplication)

Second iteration is a bit longer then the first one – it’s two weeks long. The demo was not updated (I’ll update it after iteration), work is going better this time – it takes about as much time as I predicted. Last week I completed a few tasks:

I cleaned code up after first iteration. I removed a broken answers counter (together with whole answers index which was useless), rewrote some functions to do filtering in SQL query not in Ruby after fetching results and fixed broken permissions.

I added seed data so you can start testing application easily and added instructions on how to get it running to README file.

I moved to shoulda to make some tests cleaner. I wrote and started using methods that set many permissions to avoid code duplication.

I make use of yeban’s work and replaced email+password login with OpenID login. If you want to use OpenID with Hobo you can use updated version of plugin from here.

I also upgraded the way answers are shown (now you can see question you are answering/ you answered) and added support for reference answers.

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