Tagging in my web app

2010/05/04 at 7:10 pm (GSoC 2010, WebApplication)

I could spend whole summer doing this, but I think tagging solution best suited for Recruiters is not so complex.

I think each question should have one set of tags (opposed to “tag cloud” in last.fm/delicious and likes). Every recruiter will be able to edit tag set for question. I don’t see any benefit in making “tag clouds”. I think it just would make using tags more difficult.

When specifying questions in test I think it’s best to use simple list of required tags (like “end of mentoring, ebuild, scopes”). It’s possible to allow usage of more complex logical expressions (like “rice and not sushi or (Chinese and tea)”[0]) but I think that wouldn’t be useful. And if it turns out to be useful I can add support for that later.

Many questions may share some[1] tags. I think creating question groups may be solution. Recruiter would create question group, specify what tags are required in this group and add questions (and maybe nested groups) to the group. Question would need to match requirements of group (and specified in question). I’m not sure if it will make Recruiters
life any simpler though.

When writing requirements for question it may be useful to have preview of all matching questions. After editing quiz requirements app should check how many test match specified requirements and warn if there are too few.

I’ll write to you about my other ideas on Recruiters app in separate emails.

[0] I can’t think of quiz example.
[1] If questions share all tags (3 questions with “end of mentoring,
ebuild, scopes”) it’s easy (“quantity” of question). But if questions
share some tags it’s a bit harder (3 questions with “end of mentoring,
ebuild, scopes” and 2 questions with “end of mentoring, ebuild, variables”).

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